Request shipping rates

Things to note:

  • Shipments rates requested after 6 PM (GMT +1) will be scheduled for processing the following day.
  • You can only request a shipment for a maximum of 3 days from the current date of request.
  • The successful rate response will indicate which courier is the cheapest, fastest and best value for money, which is a combination of speed, price, and reliability.
  • A rate request token expires after 7 days of lookup.
  • The total value found in each courier rate object is inclusive of the vat value. only charge your customers with the total value
For your package items
Strive to be as accurate as possible when shipping! The more accurate your information is, the better the rate quote you will receive from the couriers.
Additionally, if the shipping information is incorrect, most carriers will follow up with a charge to make up the difference.
There are currently two types of service delivery types, pickup, and dropoff.
If a service type is marked as pickup, it means the selected courier would pickup the package at the sender's address and deliver it to the receiver's address
If a service type is marked as dropoff, it means that the sender must deliver the package to a courier dropoff station. In this case, a dropoff station and pickup station object will be included in the response. it will contain the name and address of the dropoff station.
Check the example response for object definition